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First Communions

Generally children are ready to celebrate First Holy Communion around the age of seven or Grade 2. Parents determine readiness of First Holy Communion as the first and primary teachers of the faith to their children. Parents will recognize their child’s desire to share the bread and wine of the Eucharistic meal. They will notice that their son or daughter will have an understanding that the Eucharist is a special meal in which they share in the body and blood of Christ.

​Our Catholic schools provide a program that assists in preparing children to celebrate First Communion in the second grade. If your child is not in a Catholic school, instruction is offered by St. Elizabeth Parish.

First Communion

Frequently Asked Questions

​​​Once I have decided that my child is ready, what do I do? ​

1. Complete the Registration Form in the Fall.

​2. You will be asked to attend an initial Parent Sacramental meeting. The initial parent meeting is held in the fall for families whose children will celebrate in the following Easter Season. The date of the initial parent meeting and registration form will be distributed to the Grade 2 children in our Catholic schools. If your child is in another grade; attends a public school, or is homeschooled, please call the Parish Office (613-725-2242).

​​What is the process for First Communion at St. Elizabeth Parish?

​Preparation for First Reconciliation and a final practice session are required. ​

When is First Communion celebrated?

​Normally the date of First Communion is set sometimes in the Spring after an understanding between St. Elizabeth Elementary School and the Parish. The date would then be communicated to the parents of the children who are not from the Catholic school.


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